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We approached several vendors about fabricating a dual-band short-wave and long-wave infrared antireflection coating for a DARPA-sponsored project "Dual-Mode Detector Ensemble." Only Reynard was willing to take the challenge. Reynard fabricated precision single-point diamond-turned optics in zinc selenide and coated them, and the resulting infrared telescope met specifications and satisfied the sponsor. The details can be found in Appl. Opt. v. 52, pp. 4334-4342 (2013). Thanks Reynard for a job well done!

Daniel M.
Duke University

We were manufacturing components for a critical military program. Our customer was putting intense pressure on us to deliver completed optics ASAP. Reynard was able to provide us coated optics in record time, with excellent communication from quote to delivery. Not only was our confidence in Reynard further strengthened, we far exceeded our customer's expectations. Thank you Reynard.

Heather P.
Optimax Systems, Inc.

Reynard Corporation provided a unique coating solution for our challenging new design exemplar. Our requirement for coating precision was thought to be unobtainable but Reynard’s confidence and skill with coatings produced a high-quality and validated coating with such precision that it has afforded a new capability for us. Reynard’s team have provided first class professionalism as part of their on-time service and give us confidence to develop our technology further.

Matt R.
Global Immersion

It has been a pleasure working with you and your company.  The timely delivery of the neutral density filters was greatly appreciated.

Donald L.
Federal Aviation Administration, Navigation Services

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