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Aerospace Technology

Custom Optics Laser Blocking Filters (LBF)


Reynard Corporation is a key supplier of precision optical components to the Aerospace Industry. We understand the critical requirements and importance of designing and developing high precision optics for stringent applications in the aerospace industry. Optoelectronics and photonics are critical to visible and IR imaging systems and are now becoming crucial to communications systems on a variety of military platforms.

Eliminate Detector Saturation:

Reynard Corporation has a line of Circular Variable Neutral Density (CVND) filters that are designed to attenuate radiation going to the detector. This can be accomplished by a single rotating CVND filter or two counter rotating CVND filters to achieve a constant density profile across the detector. This same function can also be achieved by using one or two Linear Variable Neutral Density (LVND) filters. In this case the filters are translated instead of rotating across the detector.

Sensor Filters:

Reynard Corporation manufactures spectral filters for space that can detect heat from forest fires to corn blight on farms. These filters are designed and produced on a custom basis to meet specific transmission and blocking spectral requirements and are also custom sized to fit the particular instrument.

Hard Coatings:

Coating for space applications demand hard and durable coatings. These coatings have been designed to meet the harsh environment of space without deterioration or shifting of the bandpass due to poor coating density.

Laser Blocking Filters (LBF):

Satellites can be damaged by the malicious or accidental irradiation of high power lasers. Laser blocking filters are designed to protect the satellite’s focal plane from these threats. Reynard produces two types of LBF filters. An Optical Power Limiter (OPL) absorbs radiation, while a High Reflector (HR) reflects the radiation. The reflecting stack is all dielectric and thus reflects the unwanted laser radiation out of the satellite. Both techniques have advantages and disadvantages. Contact our sales department for a detailed discussion on the trade-offs.