Perfecting Your Light ®




Reynard Corporation supplies custom coated filters to the entertainment industry to create dramatic, specialized lighting effects.  Lighting filters and mirrors are used in creative ways for stage lighting, movie sets, and camera filters, for some examples.

Comb Filters:

Comb filters and mirrors consist of a circular glass disk that Circular Variable Longwave & Shortwave Pass Filtershas a circular comb like pattern that is used to fade colors from 100% to 0 over 360 degrees of rotation. The color intensity varies by rotating the filter wheel from a solid color to a clear zone. Combining red, green, and blue filters in a single instrument allows for any color combination and at any intensity. Customized filters can be made to support any color.

Unlike CVND filters, which can bleach due to a high radiation source as the coating becomes thin, the coated thickness of comb filters is constant, eliminating this bleaching effect.

Due to the highly variable size and transition requirements, all comb filters are produced on a per order bases.  Please inquire with use about your specific needs.

Lighting Filters:

Circular Variable Longwave & Shortwave Pass Filters consist of a circular glass disk with a variable longwave pass or variable shortwave pass coating. The color can be changed by simply rotation the filter wheel to a new position. A variable longwave and a variable shortwave pass filter can be used in series to achieve a bandpass filter.

dichroic color filters, gobos, galvo mirrors

Dichroic Color Filters:

Our high contrast dichroic color filters do not fade, unlike traditional gels and are suitable for high temperature long term use.


Gobos are masks used in front of a light source to project an image.  Reynard offers gobos in solid and grayscale patterns with high rejection contrast. For a more elaborate look, color filters can also be incorporated into your patterned design.

Galvo Mirrors:

High reflectivity galvo mirrors are available for your laser projection needs.  Coatings are typically deposited on beryllium (Be) or Silicon Carbide (SiC) substrates.

Detector Trimming Filters:

Detector trimming filters provide attenuation of non-visible portions of the spectrum that are picked up by standard silicon CCDs. Attenuating this signal allows the detector to more closely match the response of the human eye.