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Marine & Ocean

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Reynard has proven experience in supplying custom optical components to the marine and ocean market. Optics for use in marine applications must exhibit exceptional durability when exposed to the harsh saline conditions found in the ocean environment.

Our coatings have been proven to survive the rigorous salt solubility and salt spray (fog) requirements of MIL-PRF-13830 and MIL-F-48616.


Maritime Night Vision:

Maritime Night Vision technology has been supported through DOD development contracts to non-military suppliers. Manufacturers have been able to redesign expensive military equipment for use in the more cost sensitive commercial maritime market. In fact, many suppliers offer a maritime night vision solution even to smaller recreational boats. The technology allows sailors to see through dense weather and in the pitch of darkness as though they were in broad daylight.

Blue, Green & Red Filters (color enhancement):

These interference filters are designed to separate a scene into three primary colors. These colors can then be recombined to form a visual image without the degradation effects of ultraviolet and near infrared wavelengths.

As separate filters, these can be made utilizing our stacked filter technology, which has performance advantages in some applications, especially when large imaging angles are required.

Hermetically Sealing Metallization:

Hermetic seals are airtight seals that prevent the invasion of oxygen, moisture, humidity and other contaminants to enter the sealed package. This level of sealing is required for many applications such as protection of detectors, extreme environmental conditions in space and sealing of cryogenic Dewar windows. Our proprietary hermetic sealing techniques have been applied to sapphire, quartz and BK10 windows.

Each of these window materials has a recommended frame material:

Window Material

Frame Material

Sealing Method

Corning 7056

Iron/Nickel Alloy


Corning 7070

Iron/Nickel Alloy


Fused Silica

Iron/Nickel Alloy



Iron/Nickel Alloy or Titanium


Heads Up Display's (HUD):

HUD’s are being used on ships to aid in navigation. The vital data can be reflected from the ships window or a standalone device. Typical information being transmitted is the location of buoys, bridges, rocks, ships and other sources of danger.

Self Cleaning Windows:

Titanium dioxide has become the material of choice for self-cleaning windows. This coating acts to clean the window in two stages, photocatalysis and hydrophobicity. In sunlight, photocatalysis causes the coating to chemically break down organic dirt adsorbed onto the window. When the glass is wet by rain or other water, hydrophobicity reduces contact angles to very low values, causing the water to form a thin layer rather than droplets, and this layer washes dirt away.