Perfecting Your Light ®




Variable Spectral Filters:

Our variable spectral filters can be combined with a linear CCD to enable rapid spectral acquisition without the use of diffractive elements.

Variable Filters: Variable Spectral Filters and Dichroic Ramp Filters

Reynard Corporation's variable filters can be used to increase the dynamic range of your instrument without the inconvenience or discontinuity of multiple filters. LVND's (linear variable neutral density) and CVND's (circular variable neutral density) filters can be manufactured to be linear in transmission or density over a range of angles.

Dichroic Ramp Filters:

Our dichroic ramp filters provide a linear mapping between wavelength and intensity, allowing for spectral measurements with a single detector.

Apodizing Bullseye™ Filters:

Our apodizing Bullseye™ filters are radially variable.  A dark-in-the-middle design allows the modification of a Gaussian beam into the perfect “top hat.”  A light-in-the-middle design balances unwanted fluctuations in beam distribution.