Perfecting Your Light ®


Research & Development 

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Research & development is a key part of the design process  for new and innovative high tech instruments and equipment.  Reynard has a legacy of supporting companies in various market segments tune and optimize their optical system designs through interactive Engineering coordination. 

Low Volume:

Whether you need a single part, a couple of parts, or volume production, we are willing to support your demand.

Interim Thin-Film Coating Development:

If you aren't sure of your exact needs, we can provide theoretical designs to show you expected filter performance.  Our material sets are tuned to specific chambers, allowing for deposition results that closely match the theoretical models.

Even large companies with thin film coating deposition capabilities should consider outsourced development.  Due to the high overhead of large companies, an outsourced solution may be more cost effective.  Additionally, our history of finding solutions for complex requirements has given us insight on materials and material sets that will best fit your needs.

Prototype to Production:

Having over 20 vacuum deposition systems of various sizes, we can support small prototype runs, and continue to be your partner as your demand grows.  Automated chambers allow us to repetitively deliver consistent, high-quality results.