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Security & Surveillance


Security and surveillance has become increasingly important in both commercial and government agencies. Reynard Corporation specializes in the design and manufacturing of optical, opto-mechanical and opto-electronic assemblies and devices that are used for security & surveillance applications.

Heat Sensing: design and manufacturing of optical, opto-mechanical and opto-electronic

Semiconductors diodes can be used as temperature sensors, as they have voltage-current characteristics that are temperature sensitive. Since they are small and inexpensive, they can be placed almost anywhere for setting off alarms.  Reynard optics can be used to prescribe the focal length and detection area of these systems while maximizing energy throughput.

Perimeter and Area Detection:

Perimeter detection is a process of detecting a change in an area relative to its surroundings. This can be achieved by both mechanical and optoelectronic methods. Utilizing infrared radiation sources, such as an IR laser which are invisible to the human eye, an 'invisible fence' can be created.  Optical sensors will detect a break in the contiguous source of energy, which then can be used to set off an alarm or initiate an activity.

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Night Vision and Thermal Imaging:

Night vision is the ability to see in low or no light conditions.  Resistive and photon detectors or illuminated infrared CCD detectors capture radiation (transmitted or reflected) energy from an object and convert the data to a visible image.  Infrared materials and thin film optical coatings are used for the lenses to capture the radiation.