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Reynard Corporation was an instrumental supplier of telecommunication based optical components during the rise of optical communications in the late 1990's and early 2000's.  Though the dot-com bubble burst, the need for optical components did not vanish.  Reynard continued to supply band separation filters, wavelength balancing filters, and variable tuning filters to key manufacturers of optical module and instrument manufacturers, and we continue to be a supplier even through today.  In fact, as more demand is put on existing optical networks due to the advancement of smart phones and wide-spread demand for streaming video, we have seen an increased and growing demand for these high-precision filters, as well as special, customized filters.

 Band Separation Filters

Band Separation Filters for Fiber Optics (45° operation):

Reynard manufactures a family of miniaturized band separation filters that operate at 45 degree and are designed to separate the 830nm, 1300nm & 1550nm telecommunication spectral bands from each other. The available sizes are: 2x3mm & 3x4mm.


Trim Filters (0° operation):

Miniaturized trim filters add additional blocking when combined with the Band Separation Filter above. These filters operate at 0 degree and are designed to eliminate, or trim, unwanted energy in a separated band. The available sizes are: 2x2mm & 3x3mm.

ND and Ramp Filters:

Neutral Density filters tune the amplitude of spectral data to a known level, mostly used after an amplification stage.  Ramp filters provide a monotonic increasing or decreasing density function that varies on the spectral wavelength (opposed to variable ND filters which change ND value uniformly across a wide spectral band).

Specialty Filters:

Ask us how we can customize telecommunication filters for your system needs.