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Advanced Optics

Reynard Corporation offers the following capabilities in Advanced Optics: buttongetaquotegold

Linear Apodizing Coatings

linear apodizing filterA Linear Apodizing Filters (LAF)  is one type of a full line of apodizing filters. These Linear Apodizing filters are used to eliminate undesirable intensity variations in optical systems. The apodization filters have a fixed ND coating in one direction and a variable ND coating in the other direction. There are two basic types of these filters: 1) Dark in the center to clear on the outer edges, or 2) Clear in the center to dark on the outer edges.

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ColorLock® Filter Stacks

ColorLock3ColorLock® filters are angle insensitive absorbing glass filters used for wide-area imaging.  These filters are designed using various substrate elements to create a filter configuration that meets specific requirements in spectral performance and durability, passing MIL-SPEC severe abrasion and temperature/humidity.

Datasheet available for more information.

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Indium Arsenide

indium arsenide - optical coatingIndium Arsenide (InAs) combines the refractive index profile of silicon with a short-wavelength blocking range broader than germanium. Reynard Corporation routinely manufactures InAs windows with surface qualities approaching 10-5 per MIL-PRF-13830. Substrates can be coated and verified to meet any customer spectral requirement from room temperature to 80K. Coatings are routinely verified to pass the adhesion, humidity, and moderate abrasion requirements of MIL-C-48497A.

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Bullseye® Apodizing Filters

Bullseye apodizing filterBullseye® Apodizing filters are customizable density gradient filters that change radially from the center to the outside of the optical component. These apodization filters are used to eliminate undesirable intensity variations in optical systems or to modify the wavefront of an optical source.

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Cube and Plate Beamsplitters Optical ManufacturingReynard Corporation offers a wide range of custom and in stock beamsplitters.  We customize our beamspltters to meet your specific spectral and quality requirements at a competitive price.  Our engineers are ready to help you with your design requirements at the beginning of your project.

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