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Build-to-Print Optics                                                      

Build to Print Optics - Reynard CorporationMany advanced optical systems require optical elements buttongetaquotegoldthat are not available through our product catalog. A core competency of Reynard Corporation is to take your Build-to-Print requirements and deliver a product that meets your physical, spectral, environmental, and durability needs. Our Optical Engineers will review your drawing or specification and provide you with theoretical performance curves during the quoting stage. If we are engaged early in your system planning, we may also be able to provide feedback for the optical elements that could help reduce manufacturing complexity and cost.

Customized optics allow you to get the product you want at catalog prices, when ordered in volume or optimized lots.

Submit your drawings directly to our sales team, or click here to request a quote online.

Fabrication Capabilities:

Reynard's fabrication department works with a variety of hard to soft substrate materials, including glass, crystalline, chalcogenide, semi-conductors, and ceramics.  We can achieve high precision on both plano (flat) and spherical custom requirements, taking your product from prototype to production.

See our Optical Fabrication page for more information about our capabilities.

Coating Services:

At the core of Reynard Corporation is an extensive history of producing thin film coatings on various substrate materials.  The types of coatings include complex, high performing, highly durable, extreme conditions, space qualified, volume affordable, and experimental, among others.  At whatever stage your program needs quality optical products, the Reynard team is ready and willing to assist.

See our Coating Services page for more detailed information.


photolithography pattern 7We have the in-house capability to produce coated patterns down to 5 micron geometries on substrates to 14 inches.  Shadow masks are sufficient for many coarse patterning depositions; however, if high-precision, small-feature, or multi-deposition alignment are required, then photolithography is the preferred method for patterning.  Our Engineers would be happy to work through the mask design with you, or we can produce the mask from your prints.

See our Photolithography page for more information.


The handling of completed optical components is the primary cause of damage.  Reynard has the internal capability to mount and align optics in sub-assemblies prior to shipping.  The optic would first be fully tested and cleaned prior to assembly, while maintaining all inspection records.  We can then provide custom packaging (ie. molded clam-shell), or work with you on industry best packaging methods to ship the assembly to you.  Less handling on the receiving side minimizes the chance of component damage and maximizes your productivity.

Visit our Optical Sub-Assembly page for additional information.

Environmental and Durability Testing:

Reynard has in-house capabilities for environmental and durability testing against military specifications, including: temperature, humidity, salt/fog, adhesion, and abrasion. 

Our Test Services page provides additional information and capabilities.

Inspection and Quality Control:

Reynard is registered and operates under the ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System (QMS).  We stand behind our QMS Quality Policy that puts the interest of our customers first.

Our trained Quality Inspectors evaluate product against MIL-C-48497A, MIL-PRF-13830, or customer defined requirements.  Typically, an ISO 2859-1 sampling plan of AQL 1.0, Level II, Normal is used to accept bulk processed product.

Reynard provides a Certificate of Compliance (C of C) along with each product shipment.  Additional inspection documentation is available upon request.

For more information, please visit our Quality Control page.