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Engineering Design Services

engineering design support for customized opticsReynard Corporation is dedicated to providingbuttongetaquotegold  solutions by offering engineering design support for customized optics and precision opto-mechanical assemblies to customers worldwide and in a variety of market segments.

We understand that our customers have different quality needs and stringent requirements, so we work closely to meet the expectations of our customer’s needs from initial design services through to fabrication, coating, assembly, and final testing. These services are available whether the need is for a single optical element or a complete optical system.

Thin Film Design Service - free

The thin film design software used by Reynard Corporation is tuned to match the deposition process of our customized vacuum coating systems.  Hence, the deposition output is a close approximation of the theoretical design.  Our design team will generate a manufacturable performance curve at no cost when you provide your custom requirements.

System Level Optical Design Support

Allowing our design team to be involved at the early stages of your optical system design can help reduce your system complexity and cost.  Requesting optics as a final step in a system design can lead to an optical component being very difficult and expensive to produce.  By knowing your system level requirements in advance, we can optimize the thin film design to be production ready.  Further, we may be able to help reduce the number of optical elements required in your system by combining multiple optical functions into a single device, or suggest design trade-offs such as switching reflection and transmission to enhance performance.

Environmental Testing and Measurement Services

Reynard can provide environmental and durability testing per several MIL- specs, including MIL-STD-13830B and MIL-PRF-48497A.  Testing includes adhesion (tape and calibrated tensile), abrasion (moderate and severe), temperature, humidity, and salt/fog.  Measurement service includes interferometric and spectral testing, resistance testing, microscopy, profilometery, and dimensional testing.


Assembly Support and Servicesprecision opto-mechanical assemblies

We offer services to mount or fixture optical elements into frames or fixtures prior to shipping. Optics are fully tested against customer requirements prior to assembly. Assembled products help protect delicate optics from damage during shipping and make it easier for integration into higher level assemblies.


Electro-Optical & Mechanical Design Support and Services

We have the capability to support your needs for electrical, optical, mechanical hardware and can develop programming interfaces and controls. Internally we can design customized fixtures specific for your system.