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Electro-Optical, Programming, & Mechanical Fabrication Service

buttongetaquotegoldReynard Corporation offers EO engineering services including electro-optical design, programming, and mechanical fabrication. Our engineers have years of experience in each of the following areas. We look forward to helping you through your design challenges for integrating optical functionality into your systems.

Electro-Optical Design:

eo fabrication and manufacturingOur engineers will work closely with you to help understand the electrical needs of your system.  We will identify the products that meet your budget requirements, such as transformers, electrical switches, and stepper motors. Functionality will be validated through agreed test plans. We can help you set up a test bench including optical mounts, light sources, and detection equipment.


Programming Service: 

Reynard provides programming development in the following areas of electro-optical control, data analysis, and user interface. These customized programming services can result in lower labor costs, improved accuracy, and high precision data acquisition to give you a competitive advantage.

Mechanical Fabrication: 

Our Mechanical Fabrication Department consists of the latest CNC equipment for the production of mechanical housing, mounts, and support systems. We can fabricate mechanical components from a variety of materials to very tight tolerances. These mechanical components, along with optical components, can be combined to create an optical sub-assembly that is shipped directly to the customer.