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Optical Fabrication & Diamond Turning


Reynard Corporation has a full service optical fabrication facility to meet your precision optical requirements.  We fabricate flat (plano) optical elements and our capabilities include DPT, beveling, core drilling, cutting, edging, grinding, polishing, shaping, stacking/bonding, and measurement.  We fabricate a vast range of custom precision optical components for our customers and as an OEM supplier to other optical catalogs. Along with the common visible materials such as BK-7, fused silica, and colored filter glass, we are also intimately familiar with a variety of more exotic materials in the UV, visible, and infrared spectrums. Other materials include crystals and ceramics. Diamond Point Turning

Reynard now has internal Diamond Point Turning capabilities with a focus on infrared, exotic, and III-V crystal materials. Aspheric, spherical, and cylindrical elements are designed, manufactured, coated, and tested in-house. We look forward to talking to you about your custom needs for optical components from UV to the far infrared.


Examples of Common and Exotic Materials:


AlON Germanium (GE)
AMTIR 1-5 Indium Arsenide (InAs)
Barium Fluoride (BaF2)  Magnesium Fluoride (MgF2)
Borosilicate Crown Glass (BK-7)         Mercury Cadmium Telluride (MCT)  
Calcium Fluoride (CaF2) Sapphire (Al2O3)
Cleartran (multi-spectral) Silicon (Si)
Fused Silica (SiO2) Zinc Selenide (ZnSe)
Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) Zinc Sulfide (ZnS)

And others as our material list is continuously expanding to support new and uncommon materials. We also work with customer furnished substrates.

Spectral Wavelength Range:

Reynard produces precision optics from materials that range in performance from the deep UV (~200nm) to the far IR (>25um). System environmental and durability needs help define which specific materials may work best in your application.  In most cases, a thin film coating is applied to the fabricated optic to enhance performance, such as the addition of an anti-reflection coating to allow more light to be transmitted through the part, or a filter, which will transmit particular wavelengths of light, while blocking others.


Diamond Point Turning: Internal DPT capabilities with a focus on infrared, exotic and III-V crystal materials. Aspheric, spherical and cylindrical elements are designed, manufactured, coated and tested in-house.

Cutting: Reynard's diamond cutting saws can fashion optical elements into any size, with the capability of cutting parts ranging from 1mm to 300mm.

Grinding: Reynard's precision Blanchard grinders can grind parts from 1mm to 450mm. Our grinding equipment includes a 48" continuous grinder and double-sided grinding.

Polishing: At Reynard we have 48" and 96" CP (Continuous Polishing Lap) polishers, as well as double-sided polishing. This equipment is capable of producing 1/20 wave optical elements. 

Edging: Reynard's automatic edging equipment includes a Van Norman edger. Edging to an accuracy of a few ten thousandths of an inch can be achieved on lenses, mirrors and windows.

Beveling: Reynard's optical fabrication shop possesses custom-made beveling equipment capable of producing bevels down to a few thousandths of an inch on lenses, mirrors and windows.

Core Drilling: Our core drilling equipment can drill holes which are perpendicular or at an angle to the surface of the element, in glass, metals and ceramic materials.

Shaping: We have various Haas CNC's able to produce intricate configurations on various materials.

Stacking/Bonding: Utilizing optical bonding techniques, two or more materials are bonded to create a single assembly.  See information on our Stacked Filters.

Inspection and Quality Control: All parts are inspected in our quality control department by our careful quality control inspectors. Reynard operates, per Military Specification MIL-PRF-13830B and MIL-C-48497A. From incoming shipments to final inspection, the quality of material received and shipped to our customers is measured and recorded. Our quality control manager reports directly to the President of Reynard Corporation. Equipment used by our inspectors includes:

  • Precision Microscope with digital read out fabrication optical
  • Autocollimators
  • Optical Density Test Equipment
  • Spectrometers (various, UV-Vis, NIR, IR, Far IR)
  • Salt Fog Testers
  • Temp/Humidity Chambers
  • Tool Makers Microscopes
  • Fizeau Interferometers
  • Zygo Interferometers

Our Fabrication Equipment:

Our optical and mechanical fabrication capabilities allow us to produce a wide range of optical components. We have 18" through 96" CP and double-sided polishers for massive or production size lots of optical elements.

Optical Fabrication Equipment:
Double-Sided Polishing Lap
18" to 96" Continuous Polishing Laps
Double-sided & Continuous Grinders
Spindle Polishers
Dicing Saws

Optical Fabrication and Flat Optics  
Mechanical Fabrication Equipment:
Haas CNC & Bridgeport Mills
Cadillac Laths
Diamond & Large Blanchard Mills
Lincoln Electrical Welders
Baldor Grinding Wheels
Horizontal Bandsaws
Optical Manufacturing


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