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Optical Sub-Assemblies

buttongetaquotegoldReynard has a Custom Optical Sub-Assembly department that focuses on mounting and assembling  optics into housings or fixtures.  We provide the necessary alignment, inspection, testing, and packaging that results in a high-quality, complete sub-assembly that is ready to be used in your system.
Custom Optical Sub-Assembly from Reynard Corporation

Handling a completed assembly greatly reduces the chance of inadvertent damage to a potentially delicate optical component.  As optical components become more sophisticated to match the demanding needs of high-precision systems today, surface defects due to mishandling or accidental surface contact can result in system-level degraded performance, or even worse, an unusable optic.  Handling an assembly, rather than the optic, eliminates potential direct contact with the optical surfaces.

Our premier EO & Mechanical Engineers can assist in the design of a housing that meets your system needs, or we can facilitate the outside purchase or manufacturing of a customer specified part in order to complete the in-house assembly.

Our capabilities include, but are not limited to the epoxy bonding of optical elements into a housing, RTV potting, injection bonding, alignment, electrical interfaces, part marking, and specialty testing.

Completed assemblies can be packaged using best-practice methods of wrapping and padding, or by the preferred method of procuring custom made clam-shell shipping containers that will hold an assembly firmly in place.

This sub-assembly service is offered as part of our vertically integrated goal of providing highest-quality, tangible, optical products from customer prints, specifications, or drawings.

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