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Quality Control

precision optical components and thin-film coatingsbuttongetaquotegoldReynard Corporation has an ISO9001-2008 certificate & Quality Control Policy in place to maintain and serve our customers. 

We have specialized testing capabilities qualitycontroland inspection equipment in-house allowing us to be compliant with the following Mil-Specs.


Types of military specifications:

  1. MIL-STD-810B: MILITARY STANDARD: ENVIRONMENTAL TEST METHODS (15 JUN 1967). This standard establishes uniform environmental test methods for determining the resistance of equipment to the effects of natural and induced environments peculiar to military operations.
  2. MIL-C-675C: MILITARY SPECIFICATION: COATING OF GLASS OPTICAL ELEMENTS (ANTI-REFLECTION) (22 AUG 1980). This specification establishes the minimum optical and durability requirements for magnesium fluoride interference films used as anti-reflection coatings on optical materials.
  3. MIL-C-48497A: MILITARY SPECIFICATION: COATING, SINGLE OR MULTILAYER, INTERFERENCE: DURABILITY REQUIREMENTS FOR (08 SEP 1980) [NO S/S DOCUMENT]. This specification establishes minimum quality and durability requirements for single layer and multilayer interference coatings that are primarily used within the protective confines of sealed optical systems.
  4. MIL-F-48616: MILITARY SPECIFICATION: FILTER (COATINGS), INFRARED INTERFERENCE, GENERAL SPECIFICATION FOR (29 JUL 1977). This specification establishes general performance and durability requirements for this film coated optical elements which are used in the spectral region from 0.7 um to 50.0 um (see 6.1).
  5. MIL-PRF-13830B: PERFORMANCE SPECIFICATION: OPTICAL COMPONENTS FOR FIRE CONTROL INSTRUMENTS; GENERAL SPECIFICATION GOVERNING THE MANUFACTURE, ASSEMBLE, AND INSPECTION (9 JAN 1997) [SUPERSEDING MIL-O-13830A]. This specification covers the manufacture, assembly and inspection of finished optical components such as lenses, prisms, mirrors, reticle windows and wedges for fire control instruments.
  6. MIL-M-13508C: MILITARY SPECIFICATION: MIRROR, FRONT SURFACED ALUMINIZED: FOR OPTICAL ELEMENTS (19 MAR 1973) [NO S/S DOCUMENT]. This specification covers a mirror coating consisting of a deposited aluminum reflective film overlaid with a transparent dielectric protective film applied on the front surface of optical elements.
  7. Others upon request.

Inspection Sampling:

Inspections for lot sizes above 10 pieces are done using a sampling plan.  If a sampling plan is not defined by the customer, an ISO2859-1 AQL 1.0 Level II Normal sampling will be used.  Custom sampling plans, or 100% inspection requirements may be specified, but must be made during the quoting stage.

Certificate of Conformance:

We provide a Certificate of Conformance (C of C) with each product we ship.  Additional test and inspection logs can be requested.

Standard Tolerances:

Reynard Corporation has a list of Standard Tolerances.

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