Perfecting Your Light ®


Research & Development Capabilities

Optical Fabrication

buttongetaquotegoldResearch & Development of optical materials and processes have been  at the center of Reynard Corporation’s success since our inception. We continue  to be innovators in the advancement of thin film coatings through internal R&D, SBIR programs, commercial development projects, and research partnerships.  Such research helps us to advance our technology so that we can provide better and more robust solutions to our customers.

Some of our capabilities include optical and mechanical fabrication, thin film coatings, photolithographyquality assurance testing and inspection, infrared technology and build-to-print optics among other capabilities.


SBIR Programs

We are actively involved in Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) programs offered by the agencies of the US Government.  These programs allow us to develop and demonstrate novel approaches to solve real problems faced by the US military.  To find out more about our awarded programs, see our Funded Programs page.


We have engaged in many development partnerships with leading edge companies to bring their ideas to fruition.  We build a strong relationship between our management, engineering, and technician staffs, together defining tests, analyzing outcomes, and mutually sharing ideas.  Development programs have spanned from fabrication and polishing of exotic materials, to innovative thin film coating solutions, and even into precision sub-system design and assembly.  Some of the novel materials we have worked at the onset of these programs have included InSb, InAs, HeCdTe, InGaAs, and Silicon Carbide (SiC).  These developments have also allowed us to perfect novel processing methods, such as with soft, optical-quality, bare aluminum.

Internal R & D

Innovation resulting from internal R&D has enabled us to develop complex coating solutions with high accuracy and repeatability, as well as identify new processes.  For example, our early innovation in computer controlled gradient filter production has propelled us an industry leadership position with our development of the fully customizable Bullseye® apodizing and variable neutral density filters, which continue to evolve even today.  We continue to experiment with unique deposition methods, materials, and processes to meet the demand for more sophisticated coating solutions.  Internal R&D into optical fabrication allows us to shape and surface finish both hard and soft materials for the UV/Vis/IR, including glass, crystals, ceramics, and elemental alloys.

Joint Funding

Sometimes, a solution to a problem requires the expertise of several companies.  We have partnered with companies and worked through a joint proposal to get development funding.  The partnership continues through the life of the program, with each company providing value to a common solution.  If you are looking for a reliable and productive partner for an optical or coating solution, we would be very interested in talking with you.


Like a Partnership, Sub-Contracts allow us to execute test plans that push the limits of coating knowledge.  A sub-contract differs from a partnership in that that customer defines the testing and the requirements of the program, and Reynard executes that plan as defined and provides the test results to the customer.  Typically, these programs are highly sensitive to the nature of the development and, hence, details cannot be easily shared by the customer.  The exit criteria is not always well defined and, thus, these programs are defined to be on a best-effort basis.