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Test Services

buttongetaquotegoldReynard has a sophisticated line of test instruments to validate the performance of the optical components we manufacture. Additional specialty testing may also be available for sections not listed below. 

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Testing is included during the quotation stage of an order, as requested or defined in the print/specification, and is performed prior to shipment of the completed product. Test services are also available as stand-alone in case you have existing products that require testing.

Environmental Testing:

These instruments validate that the optical component survives in the operational environment in which it will be used. Accelerated end-of-life testing is performed by high cycle count testing at extreme conditions.  Standard MIL-Spec profiles are commonly used, per MIL-PRF-13830B or MIL-C-48497A, or customized profiles can be defined.

  • Leak Testing, for sealed modulesprecision optical components and thin-film coatings
  • Humidity
  • Salt Fog
  • Temperature Cycling

Durability & Adhesion Testing:

Durability testing follows the guidelines of MIL-PRF-13830B and tests the films survivability against handling and impacts, as well as how well the film 'sticks' to the substrate.

  • Moderate Abrasion
  • Severe Abrasion
  • Adhesion
  • Tensile pull test - 0 to 10,000 psi

Spectral Testing:

Reynard Corporation has a wide range of metrology instruments available that allow spectral data to be measured from 192nm all the way to 50um. Measurements can be made in transmission and reflection with or without polarization or at cryogenic temperatures.  Angle measurements are made with the assistance of Absolute Reflection modules and Universal Reflection Adaptor modules.

  • UV/VIS Spectrophotometers
  • UV/VIS/NIR  Spectrophotometers
  • MIR/FIR  Spectrophotometers
  • White Light Densitometers
  • Laser Densitometers

Surface Roughness & Step Height Testing:

  • Optical Profilometer
  • Stylus Profilometer

Optical Inspection and Measurements:

  • Microscope (up to 500x power) with 1 micron digital readout and frame capture
  • Zygo GPI Interferometers
  • Davidson Interferometers
  • Fizeau Interferometers
  • Zygo Autocollimators