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Funded Programs

Below are a list of current and past externally funded programs for Reynard.  We strive to find opportunities that push our capabilities and advance our knowledge and technology.

AF112-201: Multi-Band UV/IR Combiner

Award: Phase I

Third Generation infrared (IR) images utilize a dual-band design to take advantage of the unique information found in the distinct bands.  With the success of this development in the infrared, other areas of sensing are looking to combine information in other wavelength bands.  Reynard Corporation is developing a way to combine an ultraviolet (UV) band collimated image and an IR band collimated image into a single, highly resolved image.  By utilizing a pellicle as the optical combiner, along with custom-designed, precision thin film coatings, the resulting image will have negligible ghosting while resulting in a very light-weight final instrument.

AF093-204: Increased Durability of Infrared (IR) Materials for Long Endurance, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) Applications

Award: Phase I

Hard Oxide-based materials were characterized and deposited to the surface of Zinc Sulfide (ZnS) substrates as an anti-reflection protection layer.  The performance of the hard oxide thin film design was compared to DLC coated ZnS.  Spectrally, the hard oxide coating showed far superior performance over the DLC design in that the AR design could be tuned to the proper index matching for ZnS.  MIL-Spec environmental testing showed both sample types passing after adhesion, severe abrasion, humidity, and thermal testing.  Sand and water testing resulted in inconclusive data, as both sample types showed some failure in the uncontrolled testing conditions.  The result was that properly characterized and deposited hard oxide material designs can rival the protection of DLC coatings, with the added benefit of having control over index matching.

N05-002: Variable Neutral Density (ND) Filter

Award: Phase I and Phase II

Reynard was awarded a contract to build a highly specialized variable neutral density filter based on our in-depth design knowledge and legacy manufacturing excellence of producing these types of filters. The filter requirements included a highly precise exponential gradient function that transitioned over several decades of optic density in less than 0.2 inches, an arc function curvature of static density lines, and a narrow band pass function allowing very specific color and density of light to pass. This new ‘arc gradient’ capability adds to our full line of variable ND filters that also includes circular variable (CVND), linear variable (LVND), linear Apodizer, and radial Apodizer (Bullseye™) filters. All filters can be customized for user defined needs.

MDA04-112: Ballistic Missile Innovative Electro-Optical Products – Hardened By Design Optical Coatings (HDOC)

Award: Phase I and Phase II

Reynard developed mirror coatings for both the visible spectral band and the long wave infrared spectral band that survive higher levels of x-ray radiation exposure than the incumbent designs.  Theoretical modeling was validated against actual radiation testing at three different testing facilities, including one at the National Ignition Facility (NIF).  The single-band visible, single-band infrared, and dual-band coatings all showed between 2.5x to 5x improvement in the damage threshold, while maintaining very high reflectivity.  Samples are being evaluated in a long-term space environment as part of the MISSE-8 program.

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